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Our Tools

Ultrafast Time-Resolved Microscopy

Our home-built pump-probe microscopy setup provides wide-field time-resolved imaging capabilites with a 100 fs resolution, allowing us to follow dynamical processes in materials, both in time and space.

HELIOS Transient Absorption Spectrometer

A broadband femtosecond pump-probe transient absorption spectrometer for measuring the evolution of photo-induced processes in molecules.

Sputter Coater.png
Quorum Q300T D Dual Target Sequential Sputtering System

Sputter coater for producing thin metallic films (silver, aluminum, gold, chromium, etc).

Femtosecond LASER System

An amplified Ti:Sapphire pulsed laser system (Spectra-Physics Spitfire Ace, 80 fs, 4mJ) with an optical parametric amplifier (TOPAS, 400-2600 nm).

Fluorolog _edited.jpg
HORIBA Jobin Yvon Fluorolog Spectrofluorometer

High-resolution and high-sensitivity spectrofluorometer, equipped with a time-correlated single photon counter (TCSPC) for fluorescence life-time measurements.

Spin Coater.png
Laurell Technologies WS-650-23B Spin Coater

Spin-coater for producing nanometric thin organic films.

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